Film, TV, and Stage Listing

 1962 :"The Candy Web",Hollywood film directed by William Castle.

1963: "Dad You Are a Square" ITV

1964: "Juke Box Jury" with George Harrison.TV

1964: "The Count of Monte Cristo" with Alan Badel BBC1

1964: "Compact" TV Serial.BBC1

1965: "The Saint" (Crime of the Century) with Roger Moore ITV

1965: "The Flying Swan" with Margaret Lockwood BBC1 

1965: "Compact" TV Serial BBC1

1965: R3 with Oliver Reed TV

1965: "Doctor in Clover" with James Robertson Justice and John Fraser. Film.

1965: "Juke Box Jury"TV

1965: "That Riviera Touch" with Morecambe and Wise Film.

1966: "Der Mann der keiner war" Berlin TV.

1966: "The Liquidator" Film

1966: "In Praise of Eros" with John Mortimer Hampstead Theatre

1966 :"The Headwaiter" with Donald Pleasance. TV

1966: "Clutterbuck" by Ben Levy. Derby Playhouse.

1967: "Casino Royale" with Orson Welles and Peter Sellers and David Niven and Deborah Kerr.

1967 to 1968: "The Champions" TV Series with Stuart Damon and William Gaunt. ATV.

1967: "The Saint" (The Counterfeit Countess) with Roger Moore ITV

1968: "In Praise of Eros" repeated at the Royal Festival Hall.

1969: "Department S" (The Man who got a New Face) ITV

1969: "I Can't, I Can't" with Dennis Waterman. Film.

1969: "Hush a bye Murder"  Film.

1969: "Call my Bluff". BBC2.

1969: "Kashmiri Run" with Pernell Roberts and Julian Mateos. Film.

1969: "Randall and Hopkirk Deceased" (Whoever heard of a Ghost Dying) ITV.

1969: "I will, I will" with Harry Worth. BBC.

1970: "Codename" with Clifford Evans and Anthony Valentine. TV Serial BBC1.

1970: "Call My Bluff" BBC2

1970: "Wedding Night" with Tessa Wyatt. Film.

1970: "My Lover, My Son" with Romy Schneider. Film.

1971: "Play It Again Sam" with Norman Vaughan. The Churchill Theatre Bromley.

1971: "Conduct Unbecoming" by Barry England. No.1 Theatre Tour.

1971: "The Scobie Man" with Maurice Roeves. BBC Scotland TV.

1971: "Jason King" (Variations on a Theme). ITV

1971  "The Sicilian Affair" (From a Bird's Eye View)

1972: "Suspicion" (Old Man's Hat) with Ian Hendry. TV.

1972: "The Haunted Man" with Keith Baron.Film.

1972: "The Adventurer" ITV

1972 to 1973: "Don't Just LIe There Say Something" with Brian Rix. The Garrick Theatre London and No 1 Tour.

1973: "The Provoked Wife" with Fenella Fielding and James Grout. The Greenwich Theatre.

1973: "Odio mi Cuerpo" Spanish Film.

1973: "Starlost" with Keir Dullea. Canadian TV.

1973: "El Clan de los Nazarenos" Spanish Film.

1974: "The Ghoul" with John Hurt and Peter Cushing.

1974: "Mil Noches y el Alba" with John Philip Law. Spanish - South American film.

1975 " La Giocanda esta Triste" Spanish film.

1976: "Witness to Yesterday" (Lucrezia Borgia) Canadian TV.

1976: "The Man Inside" TV.

1976: "Find the Lady" with Peter Cook, Mickey Rooney, Dick Emery and John Candy. Canadian film.

1976: "The Admirable Crichton" by J.B.Priestley (Lady Mary) The Shaw Theatre Niagara, Canada.

1976: "Arms and the Man" by Bernard Shaw (Raina). The Shaw Theatre Niagara, Canada.

1977: "The Sacred Flame" by Somerset Maughan  No. 1 National Theatre Tour.

1978: "Cabo di Vara" Spanish Film.

1978-1979: "The Aphrodite Inheritance" with Peter McEnery and Brian Blessed. TV Serial BBC.

1979: "The Unexpected Guest" by Agatha Christie. Tour of Worthing, Eastbourne, Richmond and Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Canada.

1980: "Choice of Two" with Leslie Nielsen. Canadian TV.

1981: "NIckleby and Me" the Dickens musical adapted by Ned Sherrin and Caryl Brahms

1982: "Cavell" by Keith Baxter with Joan Plowright. The Chichester Festival Theatre.

1983: "Time and the Conways" by J.B.Priestley (Hazel) with Googie Withers. The Chichester Festival Theatre.

1983: "Draw" with Kirk Douglas and James Coburn. An American Western Film.

1987: "La Veritat Oculta" Spanish Catalan Film.

1988: "Time and the Conways" by J.B.Priestley (Hazel) produced by myself and Nikki Cole and the Bromley Theatre. No1 Tour.

1992: "Venus Observed" by Christopher Fry with Donald Sinden and Dennis Quilley. The Chichester Festival Theatre.

1993: "Pickwick the Musical" Dickens adapted by Leslie Bricusse with Harry Secombe and Roy Castle.Chichester Festival Theatre and No.1 tour.

1995: "Catch Me if You Can" with David Soul and Patrick Mower. No1 Theatre Tour

1998: "Boon" Peacemaker. TV Series.

1998: "Absolutely Fabulous." Absolutely Not!.

1999: "Love Me Slender" with Lorraine Chase and Bella Emberg. No1 Theatre Tour.

2002: "After they were Famous" TV.

2005: "Crumpet. A very British Sex Symbol. TV.

2005: "Batman Begins" Film

2005 and again in 2006: "Beyond Reasonable Doubt" by Jeffrey Archer,with Leslie Grantham and Simon Ward - No1 theatre tour.

2006: "We were the Champions" TV.

2008: Compared "The Magic of Mantovani" concert at The Poole Theatre with Ed Stewart

          Two episodes of the EastEnders TV Series