Casino Royale

To kick off here's a picture from one of my early films, Casino Royale.  Made in 1967, it was - loosely - based on Ian Fleming's first James Bond book, and was a spoof in a similar way to the Austin Powers series of films 30 years later.  It was, I remember, very sixties.

The firm not only featured three James Bonds, but also six directors.  The cast was unbelievable: Peter Sellers, Orson Welles, Woody Allen, Wiiliam Holden, Charles Boyer and John Huston to name just a few.  I played a character called Meg, and appeared in a sequence with David Niven in the completed film. In fact, I was also in the Orson Welles-Peter Sellers section, but didn't appear on screen as Orson and Peter had taken all the lines and instead spent six weeks sipping Champagne in Orson's caravan with my beautiful girl-friend Dani Sheridan.

The picture shows me, Dani and Orson. As you'll see from the creases it really is from my archive.  Incidentally, Dani is the mother of Nicolette Sheridan - star of Desperate Housewives.