Alexandra - The Early Years

Much has been written about Alexandra Bastedo and her life after her success in "The Champions", the iconic series which can still be seen on televison today - over forty years since it was first televised. Her stunning beauty and her acting skills, along with those of Stuart Damon and William Gaunt, undoubtedly contributed to the series longevity. However, although "The Champions" made Alexandra into a huge star, few people knew much of her earlier life. The following will introduce a much younger Alexandra along with her many achievements before she became the huge international star that we all knew and admired. Additional photos and information will be added on a regular basis. 

Below is a photograph of a very young Alexandra in one of her very first appearances onstage. Dated 1954, Alexandra, aged 8, can be seen on the far right.  A write-up in the local newspaper at the time praises the show.