Photo for September 2013

  Alex and Bill in Jungle

Alexandra Bastedo & fellow "Champion", William Gaunt

Alexandra wrote:

I have been asked many times what was it like to travel the world filming the Champions and I wish I could say: "Fantastic, an amazing travel experience". However,this wouldn't be correct, as the truth is we very rarely left the studios. Those scenes of us on mountain-tops, deserts and jungles were mostly filmed in the studio and where it wasn't possible to film in the studio then we filmed locally outside the studio. I spent nothing on mosquito repellent or sun-tan oil despite how much I may have looked like I needed it on the small screen. In the photo above, my good friend William Gaunt and I endure a "harsh jungle climate".

There are a very small number of copies of this photo, which are signed by both William Gaunt and myself, which will be available from our shop from mid-October. Purchasers may request a personal dedication from myself should they wish which will be included in the price.  

  Alexandra Bastedo

©  Alexandra Bastedo