Christmas Competition 2015


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      Answers To Christmas Quiz 2015

  1. Q. Can you name Alexandra’s first film?
    A. Either of the following titles: “The Candy Web” or 13 Frightened Girls” (U.S.A.)
  2. Q. In which popular ghostly television series did Alexandra play Carol in 1969?
    A. “Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)”(UK title) or “My partner the Ghost” (U.S.A. title)
  3. Q. In what country was Aphrodite filmed?
    AIt was filmed in Cyprus.

  4. Q. Name the title of the sixth episode of the Aphrodite television series?
    AThe sixth episode was called “Said the spider to the fly.” 
  5. Q. How many episodes were made of the Champions?
    A. There were just 30 episodes made.
  6. Q. What was the name of the Agents’ boss in The Champions?
    A. His full name was Commander William Lawrence Tremayne.
  7. Q. Alexandra’s then boyfriend, the late Anthony Valentine, said “There’s only one breed I’d call a proper dog”. What breed of dog was he referring to?
    A. It was a Dobermann and Alexandra thereafter kept the same breed for the rest of her life. Pip, her last Doberman, still lives at the ABC Sanctuary.
  8. Q. What was the name of the series that Alexandra appeared in with Anthony Valentine?
    A. Codename.

  9. Q. Which famous calendar did Alexandra model for in Barbados in 1970?
    A. The Pirelli calendar.

  10.  Q. What is the name of the film which Alexandra appeared in with Liam Neeson in 2005?
The film was called “Batman Begins” in which Alexandra played a Gotham Society Dame.

Surprisingly, no-one got all ten answers correct but two entrants did get nine of the answers correct. Both names were put in a hat and the winner drawn. Congratulations and a photo of Alexandra go to N. Farrell.