If you have any questions that you would like to ask me then please send them to me via the  'Contact Us' page  and I will try to answer as many as I can here on a regular basis.

Alexandra Bastedo



Question: Hello Alex, I would like to ask whether you met Alfred Hitchcock when you were in the US filming "Candy Web" and if so, what was he like? Also, did any of the other girls that were in the "Candy Web" become famous that you know of?
Dave, 12 March 2013

Answer:  I never did meet Hitchcock in spite of being offered the lead in his pic 'The Girl With Blue Jeans'. My parents would not let me do it - I was 16 and would have had to leave school and live in LA. I lost touch with the other girls when we all went our separate ways. 


Question: I see from your website and the ABC Animal Sanctuary website that you occasionally see William Gaunt, your co-star in the "Champions". Do you keep in touch with Stuart Damon and does he ever come to the UK?                                   
Ally, 18 March 2013

Answer:  Stuart is not very well and does not travel we last saw him on the Champions Reunion - see You Tube- when they flew Bill and myself out to see him in LA. William is a patron of the ABC Animal Sanctuary and we do meet quite often  


Question: Besides the Champions, have you ever acted with William Gaunt in any other series or theatre play and if so, what were they?
Phil, 22 March 2013

Answer: I am afraid not - I would have liked to have done plays with him- he is such a good actor. The nearest we have done is to both read poems on the ABC Open Days at the Blessing of the Animals. This year 8th and 9th of June.


Question: You are a very beautiful woman and must have received lots of proposals for weddings. Is this true and if yes, who were they proposing?
Alberto, 6 April 2013 

Answer: I hope to write about this in my next book, "Life is not a Dress Rehearsal". So I cannot be specific here. My husband is Patrick Garland who at one time was called the best theatre director in England. His book "The Incomparable Rex", about his time with Rex Harrison, is well worth a read if you can find it.